where and what's


what's happened: 

because of a hasty application i am now in pvd, with a full-time graphic design
internship at the RISD museum. when you think you only have two options, it seems you take the third one.

what's in my head lately:

car seat headrest, twin fantasy & how to leave town

how much i want a kitchen scale so i can be more like christina tossi
(or any other pastry person)

this kinda flat but addicting novel, Still Me
(and how much i actually relate to the floating feeling of louisa)

chef's table
(because i can draw and watch at the same time, and food)

how i told myself i'd make a new testament version of my bible
project, but doing everything else

tracking, kerning, master-pages, fonts, 0.0681 vs. 0.5 pts of space, 
calibre vs larish neue, how you can make a soft break by shift + enter,
tiling then assembling it all with tape, and many more gd office things