current (dreamed) events

dream 2/14/18:

swimming in a labyrinthine pool, like super marios bros; dive deeper to pick this flower that is sweeter than sprite. Or at least sweeter then all flowers, unexpectedly, as you my young brother, explain to me.

dream fragment:

are they a pair                                                                                                                                 

you a pair                                                         

apparently I made the mistake                                                                                                         

take them back, different shapes

dream 3 or 4:

apparently we know them    models of those we know   behind glass, in everyday life    reflected by glass, they surround us.                           

we don't know them -   three guides who direct    their faces at me like friends.      there are friends here   

we dine on what I don't know    multiplied before they disappear   brought forward on glass   I bury those legs I know   out of context they are just boxes.

dream 2 nights ago:

betsy with the bugs & rocks - walk around the garden greenhouse

hospital with a disease specialized counter like a fast food store front at a mall (they can help you with salmonella poisoning)

jellyfish attack!!                                                                                                                 (defeat it with a PVC pipe)

little brother sympathetic to dead jellyfish, but it will be fine.