where and what's


what's happened: 

because of a hasty application i am now in pvd, with a full-time graphic design
internship at the RISD museum. when you think you only have two options, it seems you take the third one.

what's in my head lately:

car seat headrest, twin fantasy & how to leave town

how much i want a kitchen scale so i can be more like christina tossi
(or any other pastry person)

this kinda flat but addicting novel, Still Me
(and how much i actually relate to the floating feeling of louisa)

chef's table
(because i can draw and watch at the same time, and food)

how i told myself i'd make a new testament version of my bible
project, but doing everything else

tracking, kerning, master-pages, fonts, 0.0681 vs. 0.5 pts of space, 
calibre vs larish neue, how you can make a soft break by shift + enter,
tiling then assembling it all with tape, and many more gd office things

summer & a poem

I could be home or I could be here and sleep deprived. It's really not entirely up to me (as always) but I'm remaining calm and impartial so I can start either summer with positivity.  

Here's a poem about comparisions that i wrote recently:

the difference between blues


your blue

and mine, they are

                  not the same


is stretching

expanding expansive,

blue blanket of light

covering and coloring eyes,


blinds you and paints you pale



moves and moves

a push of blue pushing blue


itself, dense and dark

deepens as it waits

increases weight

as I wade they make

blue hills

hugging haunting,

lull me asleep

current (dreamed) events

dream 2/14/18:

swimming in a labyrinthine pool, like super marios bros; dive deeper to pick this flower that is sweeter than sprite. Or at least sweeter then all flowers, unexpectedly, as you my young brother, explain to me.

dream fragment:

are they a pair                                                                                                                                 

you a pair                                                         

apparently I made the mistake                                                                                                         

take them back, different shapes

dream 3 or 4:

apparently we know them    models of those we know   behind glass, in everyday life    reflected by glass, they surround us.                           

we don't know them -   three guides who direct    their faces at me like friends.      there are friends here   

we dine on what I don't know    multiplied before they disappear   brought forward on glass   I bury those legs I know   out of context they are just boxes.

dream 2 nights ago:

betsy with the bugs & rocks - walk around the garden greenhouse

hospital with a disease specialized counter like a fast food store front at a mall (they can help you with salmonella poisoning)

jellyfish attack!!                                                                                                                 (defeat it with a PVC pipe)

little brother sympathetic to dead jellyfish, but it will be fine.